I figured even for a demo, it was too unlistenable. I will continue to work on it, however.

Finally got scouted!!!

2014-08-13 01:59:39 by verbicidemusic

YES!! I've been waiting for this for a few months now! Now I can get feedback from anyone!!

Welp, I finally got the demos done! Heres the track listing:

1. By the Station
2. Not So Far Away
3. Bore
4. Goodbye
5. Repeating
6. Emo Shit
7. Might As Well Ask
8. Trompe Le Monde (Cover)
9. Great Pacific
10. Imaginary Girl
11. Got Himself

NOTE: Might As Well Ask is an unreleased demo that will be posted soon, so dont worry. And also, Little Warrior was removed cuz I feel it would be better if I worked on that and included it in later stuff

In other news, I've been considering starting a Kickstarter campaign for my album to raise enough money to book some studio time and to get some more nescessary materials to record a kickass version of this album. This means SOOOOO much to me and it's highly appreciated if you guys give me some feedback on that not.

ALSO: Still thinking about some album cover ideas for natural fusion.


2014-06-08 13:41:10 by verbicidemusic

Bass parts will be added to all the current songs shortly! :D

Well I think it's safe to say that my new song blew my previous one out of the freaking water! Mixings better, singings better, its just overall better. That's my opinion, what about you guys? (Also thinking of some ideas for album covers, just throwing that out there). Now about the second demos of my songs... its happening--after I'm done with the first versions of my songs. Anyway, stay tuned for some new upcoming material! (Got some softer songs coming your way.)

First song posted!

2014-05-25 03:08:49 by verbicidemusic

So, I just got finished "mastering" my new song "Little Warrior" which is going to be included on my upcoming album, "Natural Fusion". I put quotes around mastering because you could barely call it mastering. I used Audicity for crying out freaking loud. You guys can expect some new material pretty shortly. Already got more song ideas that just need to be put into action. More recording begins tomorrow!! And in the meantime, please enjoy my debut song "Little Warrior". My singing is not up to par with my drum skills or guitar skills, but I mean hey, I tried my hardest. Am I rambling? Anyway, see you all shortly.