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As a mercy main who regularly queues with a Genji main, this is relatable lol

TheMartoon responds:

It's like trying to catch a fly where every time you're near it,it flys away.THE STRUGGLES!!

That ending is so suttle yet so effing hilarious.

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Damn, that was pretty mane. Loooved the guitars especially (good wah usage). Also loved the building, linear structure, nice payoff with a great solo.

dude2312 responds:

Thanks ever so much! I really tried my best with this one. Given the timeframe restrictions for the contest! I'm glad you liked it, man!

Pretty awesome, dude! Kinda sounds like if Drukqs-era Aphex Twin made a house track. Super smooth, yet mindbogglingly complex.

Yeeeesssss, love seeing your stuff posted on here, prolly my fav artist on this site tbh. The vocals are the highlight for me, with their animalistic yet simultaneously martial quality, super adrenaline-pumping. The guitars and percussion sound very obviously 80s-era Swans inspired but also have an industrial edge to them, similar to something Godflesh would put out (but also doom-y at the same time, which is awesome). Also the effects and feedback throughout blacken it a little bit and almost give it a dark ambient quality which is super interesting and the groove is so off-kilter yet at the same time hypnotic and tightly played. I give you kudos for your awesome work, and plan on buying this on bc when my first paycheck finally comes in. It's rare to hear an extreme metal outfit exhibit this much intensity, even nowadays with all of the different extreme subgenres/etc.

jambrother2 responds:

hey thanks, glad you dug it.
i was going for "public castration" type riffs with "whitehouse" styled vocals.
it was actually really hard to write the music for this album because every time i played a riff with more than two notes it just sounded over the top and cheesy in comparison.
anyway, glad your a fan. you mention a lot of bands/artists that i really like in your reviews

Art rock musician based in Vancouver, WA. Also drummer/vocalist in a post/psych rock band called Idyllic, our soundcloud is linked in my profile.

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